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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese tart~!

Ni blog 1st skali yang sara nak feature kat cni.. sebab nyee~ sara amat suuuke dengan cheese tart beliau ni. tak lain x bukan, staff fakulti pertanian sendiri, pn Noorizajune~

sangat comel
sangat sedap
sangat murah~ (harga kawan2 la kannn)

maka.. sara nak order sebagai salah satu barang hantaran kepada encik abg nazrul kite punye rombonganlah~ huuu! saya harap die suke dengan pilihan saya~ ^_~

kawan2 kalaw nak order gtau lah saya. saya boleh orderkan. huhu (kak june: komisyen ehh..)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

~~You touched my heart~~

Dear nazrul..

u r a stranger to me yet u feel so near 2 my heart. u gave me mixed feelings but at the same time u make me feel confident in both of us. i don't noe how did dis come to be, don't even know dat u'll find me. but we'll make dis happened.

i was so scared dat it was becoz ur parents really want u 2 get married dat u agree on dis, that is why i had 2 confirmed with u and wanna hear ur answers. it was beyond satisfactory. i am very happy... u brought me up 2 the moon. and both of us didn't want 2 come down rite? ;) i never knew someone cud feel like dat towards me. i'm the lucky one to be found by u..


it was destined by Allah SWT.. u got 2 meet my parents earlier than scheduled. u had 2 attend a course in Shah Alam.. just 5 minutes away from my house.. if not u had to see them a lot later. it was set.. 29 March 2011. the very first time u met my parents. i was soo excited by the amount of effort that you gave in preparing urself 2 see my parents. it touched my heart.. u were also very gallant by meeting them without me by your side. u were very brave. i cudn't be prouder..

my parents were both really happy after they met u. we have their blessing. i was soo worried about their acceptance at first becuse they've never met u. but i have faith in u. indeed they did. we r already on our way beginning with the first step.

we're getting 2 noe each other much n much more.. from day to day. as days go by, i learnt a lot of new things about you. i am glad 2 be given the opportunity.. we deserve 2 be happy. Orang yang baik untuk orang yang baik remember. we strongly believed in dat.

it is almost definite... we r getting engaged in a few months. tentatively, the engagement will happen in 16 July 2011 and the wedding will be in 7 April 2012. for the time being, that is the tentative plan. Planning has started 2 be made. were both really happy and excited going towards the day~ we pray that everything will go according to plan. Amin...

Nazrul Hilmi. I hope and pray dat u r my destiny. Wallahu'alam..


haaaa~ finally masuk mood mak nak nulis nox! huhuhu~ nak tido tp x leh tido. pekate sambung buku sejarah. hehe~

so we've finally met~ spent the whole day 2gether. basah kering basah kering bawah hujan. n he went back 2 perlis the very next day... dat sunday nite, lela was ironing in my room n i was fb-ing.. pakcik mad (nazrul's dad) buzz me 4 a chat. he was asking bout the whole date. at 1st i tot it was quite awkward telling him, but i cud understand what a parents' curiosity is like, (my parents as well) so, told him that it went very well.. i was really happy. n then.. right after dat, his dad mentioned sumthing dat made me flushed and my face was red-hot. Reallyy??

dis iwas what happenned;
after he came home from our date, everybody was asking him of did it go. he cudn't aswer but instead he just smiled n make a 2 thumbs up. huhu~ the next day before he went off 2 kangar he said 2 his parents that he is happy with his mothers choice and decided 2 go on further with me. he asked his parents to take it further on his behalf. he wud agree on whatever goes. when i heard about dis i was in awe n really shocked. only the first time we met? and he has decided that he wants 2 marry me? really?? (Aie n lela said i pour the whole bottle of minyak pengasih on my body! ngahahha) bongek my bffs. huhu.. but he was for real. his father said, there is no problem on nazrul's side, they just wanna hear what me n my side has 2 say... Gosh~ *blushed n panicked 4 a while*

i managed 2 ask 4 time from his father to do Solat Istikharah and discuss dis matter with my parents. he agred on it. the next day, i had a test at 2. in the morning, i cudn't bring myself 2 study. i cudn't focus at all. i finally called my mom n talked about it. she was also gelabah2. she's excited at the same time tekejut n everything~ but she finally said.. ok. dun worry, i'll disscuss with ur dad n we'll talked 2nite. after dat, i managed 2 have my peace.

that nite we skyped and my dad asked me 2 tell all, n they had finally came up with 3 conclusions;

1. Nazrul will come n see my parents n convey his intention 2 marry me like a real gentleman.

2. i will have 2 go 2 kedah n meet his grandma (tok) in Sik, Kedah accompanied by my auntie n uncle for his grandmama is as important as his mom. she basically raised him.

3. my parents invited his parents 2 come over to our house 4 makan2 and chitchat about us...

after dat everything can be set. (my parents r buying time.. huhu. so dat i can finish up my experiments.. huhu). i still can't believe dat dis r all real~ really? i'm getting married? somebody please pinch me. dis is another prove dat has occured gazillions of times in my life proving the power of prayers...

next entry ~u touched my heart..~