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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

~~The History~~

His-story.. My-story.. huhu. all of a sudden i just feel like creating a blog on our preparations towards what i like to call my-dream-wedding a.k.a. marvellous-ness. huhu~ so before i blab further, let me start with introducing my potential hubby-to-be...

lots of people would never believe dis but my story with him started with an arrangement. i was recently deeply hurt by my past relationship many2 moons ago and was starting to feel comfortable living single again at the age of 26. i thought, i am destined too be married really late and i have come 2 terms with dat fact, alongside with a lot of prayers so dat Allah will grant me a person to share my life with in the future. While continuing with my masters project as usual, 1 fine day... i was in the crop science department office doing some photostating when suddenly came dis really lovely, loving, adorable & cute lady (my mummy-in-law-2-be.. hehehe). we were discussing on my phd planning and suddenly she mentioned something about her son. i didn't know dat he has a son. huhu.. apparently she has 3 sons and 2 daughters. she mentioned to me about her 1st son dat is still not yet married and is already 28. she was wondering whether i would be interested in knowing her son and maybe to develop anything further n the future since both of us r single at dat time..

i was blushing n my face felt hot the 1st time she approached me on dat matter. i was thinking 'hmm.. how do i respond 2 dis?. should i? should i not?' i was analyzing my situation. but finally i decided.. owh.. it's okay. there is no pressure there. i will just go n meet him n see how it goes. let's just give both of us a chance. i was asking about his details from the mommy. his CV looks very promising. hehe~ but well.. i din't noe what kind of person he is... and so i said yes. i'll give it a try.. not knowing of what will happen with us in the near future..

he is:
a masters graduate checked
working checked
has a car checked
engineer checked
older than me checked
taller than me checked
speaks really good english checked
chubbier than me? of the same size approximately checked!!
loves 2 eat checked
loving family background checked!

so physically and background wise.. he has all that, but my main concern is his inner beauty. what is he like? will he be able 2 accept me as i am? is he patient enough? is he kind-hearted enough? will he break my heart like the others do? can this last till marriage? can we survive? all those questions ringing in my ears. will he? well.. lets just wait n see. it is a journey of discovery.. i want to see him as a book that wudn't be judged by its cover but 2 be flipped pages by pages~ ^_~

anyways, cut the long story short (heyy.. history r meant 2 b long n dragging.. hehehe). we started on Facebook (tq fb!) and we stalked each other. huhuhu.. (i noe u do dearie...!~) i was browsing thru all of his pics. n from there i got my impression. an unexplainable feeling. i was not sure of what is it? indescribable. before dat his mommy (the lovely future MIL) had mentioned about me to him, and he said he will give it a try too. waah! Allah opens up his heart too. so now, were facebook friends. i think it started exactly on February 19 2011... and the rest is history~ huhu..

oh BTW, coming back 2 my 1st objective, dat is introducing my habibi-2-be... his name is

~Nazrul Hilmi Bin Mohammad~

*next entry wud be The First Time i Met You... ngahaha~


  1. Sara....

    I definitely will follow this blog and ur story mory....sukeee....nanti letak pic, ur inspiration, ur fav theme wed, all abt u and him and ur preparation to the big day... It would be fun, sis.

  2. sara...angau ek...xper2..i happy for u...xsabar nk tgu majlis, dont ever forget to jemput me OK...