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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

~~You touched my heart~~

Dear nazrul..

u r a stranger to me yet u feel so near 2 my heart. u gave me mixed feelings but at the same time u make me feel confident in both of us. i don't noe how did dis come to be, don't even know dat u'll find me. but we'll make dis happened.

i was so scared dat it was becoz ur parents really want u 2 get married dat u agree on dis, that is why i had 2 confirmed with u and wanna hear ur answers. it was beyond satisfactory. i am very happy... u brought me up 2 the moon. and both of us didn't want 2 come down rite? ;) i never knew someone cud feel like dat towards me. i'm the lucky one to be found by u..


it was destined by Allah SWT.. u got 2 meet my parents earlier than scheduled. u had 2 attend a course in Shah Alam.. just 5 minutes away from my house.. if not u had to see them a lot later. it was set.. 29 March 2011. the very first time u met my parents. i was soo excited by the amount of effort that you gave in preparing urself 2 see my parents. it touched my heart.. u were also very gallant by meeting them without me by your side. u were very brave. i cudn't be prouder..

my parents were both really happy after they met u. we have their blessing. i was soo worried about their acceptance at first becuse they've never met u. but i have faith in u. indeed they did. we r already on our way beginning with the first step.

we're getting 2 noe each other much n much more.. from day to day. as days go by, i learnt a lot of new things about you. i am glad 2 be given the opportunity.. we deserve 2 be happy. Orang yang baik untuk orang yang baik remember. we strongly believed in dat.

it is almost definite... we r getting engaged in a few months. tentatively, the engagement will happen in 16 July 2011 and the wedding will be in 7 April 2012. for the time being, that is the tentative plan. Planning has started 2 be made. were both really happy and excited going towards the day~ we pray that everything will go according to plan. Amin...

Nazrul Hilmi. I hope and pray dat u r my destiny. Wallahu'alam..

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    Jodoh adalah ketentuanNya. He sure knows the BEST for both of u..

    All the best sista...